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Updated version of the soundecology package for R

A few weeks ago I published a new R package, soundecology. After spending the three days before submission fixing bugs, testing and trying to make sure the code fits the specifications, you realize you missed something. In this case I … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Ubuntu and R on Amazon’s EC2 cloud

Amazon EC2 is their “cloud” service, which means that you can run a virtual machine on their hardware. They have many basic VMs, which they call AMI, that you can use to start and setup your machine with the configuration … Continue reading

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R Bloggers – the network

Just as the name implies, R Bloggers is a compendium of over 40 blogs that deal with different aspects of R. It looks like a gold mine.

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Visualize a sound file using R

One common way to work with sound files is to generate the spectrum of the sound. With this example you will be able to open a wav file and see its spectrogram.

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