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New paper on the acoustic niche hypothesis and coquí frogs

Yesterday my new paper got published in PeerJ: Villanueva-Rivera LJ. (2014) Eleutherodactylus frogs show frequency but no temporal partitioning: implications for the acoustic niche hypothesis. PeerJ 2:e496 Although a good part of it was a chapter of my MS thesis, I recently added a … Continue reading

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Some comments on researchers that do not want to share data

Last week, PLoS published an updated data policy in which they are requiring that the data of each paper published must be available publicly. The specific wording was: authors must make all data publicly available, without restriction, immediately upon publication … Continue reading

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PLoS shows that publishing raw data can be a win-win situation

The PLoS blog Integrative Paleontologists has a cool story that shows why is it a good idea to have open data, or publish your raw research data. A paper in PLoS ONE studied dinosaur teeth, but what gave the authors … Continue reading

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PHD explains open access and why it is necessary

Check out this video that explains what open access is and why it is so necessary.     Narrated by Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen and illustrated by  Jorge Cham, the genius behind PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper).

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Special Issue of Science on Data

The 11 February issue of Science was a Special Issue that contained a section on data. Seems to be an interesting overview, with perspectives from climate research, ecology, and other areas. The most troubling figure, from the introduction, was: Just … Continue reading

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Posted the data for the Acevedo and Villanueva 2006 paper

I have just posted online the data used for the paper: Acevedo, M. A. and L. J. Villanueva-Rivera. 2006. Using automated digital recording systems as effective tools for the monitoring of birds and amphibians. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:211-214. Data files … Continue reading

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A Zen of Open Data

From the blog seeing data, Chris McDowall publishes a Zen of Open Data based on the Zen of Python (a programming language): The Zen of Open Data Open is better than closed. Transparent is better than opaque. Simple is better … Continue reading

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“Data, data everywhere”

I just found a special report from The Economist on data, “Data, data everywhere.” The report deals, in several articles, on the new trend of massive amounts of data available today. They cover mostly the business implications, but also scientific … Continue reading

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