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New scientific field will study ecological importance of sounds

PRESS RELEASE WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue University researcher is leading an effort to create a new scientific field that will use sound as a way to understand the ecological characteristics of a landscape and to reconnect people with … Continue reading

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Special Issue of Science on Data

The 11 February issue of Science was a Special Issue that contained a section on data. Seems to be an interesting overview, with perspectives from climate research, ecology, and other areas. The most troubling figure, from the introduction, was: Just … Continue reading

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Installing a graphical desktop to Ubuntu on Amazon EC2

Amazon’s EC2 service offers an interesting diversity of cloud computing. From less than a dollar an hour, you can run a powerful virtual machine on their hardware. View my previous post on setting up an Ubuntu machine with R. I … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Ubuntu and R on Amazon’s EC2 cloud

Amazon EC2 is their “cloud” service, which means that you can run a virtual machine on their hardware. They have many basic VMs, which they call AMI, that you can use to start and setup your machine with the configuration … Continue reading

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Publish your computer code: it is good enough

I just found this column in Nature discussing the need for scientists to publish the code they used. I’m still amazed that this is not getting more attention. If a proper-written Methods section is mandatory in a paper, why not … Continue reading

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Posted the data for the Acevedo and Villanueva 2006 paper

I have just posted online the data used for the paper: Acevedo, M. A. and L. J. Villanueva-Rivera. 2006. Using automated digital recording systems as effective tools for the monitoring of birds and amphibians. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:211-214. Data files … Continue reading

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A Zen of Open Data

From the blog seeing data, Chris McDowall publishes a Zen of Open Data based on the Zen of Python (a programming language): The Zen of Open Data Open is better than closed. Transparent is better than opaque. Simple is better … Continue reading

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I’ll attend the OTS-PASI Embedded Sensors course

During the last two weeks of August I will be visiting Costa Rica for an OTS/PASI course on the use of embedded sensors for tropical ecology. Hopefully this kind of course will push forward the use of many kinds of … Continue reading

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World Listening Day this Sunday, July 18

This Sunday is the World Listening Day, a day set up to celebrate the practice of listening, raise awareness about issues about sound projects, and design and implement educational initiatives. The date is the birthday of R. Murray Schafer, author … Continue reading

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“Data, data everywhere”

I just found a special report from The Economist on data, “Data, data everywhere.” The report deals, in several articles, on the new trend of massive amounts of data available today. They cover mostly the business implications, but also scientific … Continue reading

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