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PHD explains open access and why it is necessary

Check out this video that explains what open access is and why it is so necessary.     Narrated by Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen and illustrated by  Jorge Cham, the genius behind PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper).

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SeaBASS and career paths

A couple of weeks ago I participated in SeaBASS 2012, the BioAcoustics Summer School, a week-long course on marine bioacoustics that was offered for the second time at Penn State University. The course was sponsored by the Applied Research Laboratory at … Continue reading

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I made the mistake of paying for Microsoft Office

My university, Purdue, has been offering discounted licenses of several software products. Some of these licenses carried restrictions like having to delete it after you graduate. This one is annoying but it makes sense, after all the idea is to … Continue reading

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“Is silence going extinct?” in the New York Times

Last week, the New York Times had a story on the problem of noise and how hard it is to find a quiet spot, even in National Parks. My advisor got interviewed for the piece and it also features some … Continue reading

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Soundscapes are featured by the NSF!

The National Science Foundation published yesterday a note featuring our Soundscapes work!

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Will 2012 be the year of open science publishing?

The Research Works Act (HR 3699) seems to have launched a wave of criticism that may finally end the publishers unfair profit of science. This bill pretends to prohibit the federal government, which funds a lot of research, from forcing publishers to … Continue reading

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New paper on our software to manage sound archives

The paper describing our software Pumilio has just been published in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. Pumilio is a web-based sound archive and analysis tool. Pumilio was created out of necessity. Our lab was collecting a lot of sound data … Continue reading

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Special Issue of Landscape Ecology: Soundscape Ecology

The journal Landscape Ecology featured a special issue on Soundscape Ecology in their November 2011 number with Bryan C Pijanowski and Almo Farina as guest editors. The issue featured nine research articles with an editorial by the guest editors. The issue is … Continue reading

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New publications on Soundscape Ecology from our lab

As part of an upcoming Special Issue on Soundscape Ecology in the journal Landscape Ecology, our lab has some papers available already online. These papers range from an introduction to the area, an introduction to working with sounds and soundscapes, … Continue reading

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Paper calls into question the chytridiomycosis hypothesis for amphibian declines

A new paper published in PLoS ONE by Matthew Heard, Katherine F. Smith, and Kelsey Ripp have called into question the hypothesis that chytridiomycosis is causing amphibian declines. The threat by this disease seems to have been exaggerated since there are few species … Continue reading

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