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Lousy attack on open journals just reveals poor peer review

Michael Eisen took a stab back at a news item in Science that attacks open access journals for accepting a fake paper that was deliberately flawed. The Science column has the heading: A spoof paper concocted by Science reveals little or … Continue reading

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The frustrating case of chytridiomycosis researchers

I began my research career working with amphibians, in particular the Eleutherodactylus frogs of Puerto Rico. One of the reasons I distanced myself from the whole area, other than just finding new interests, was largely a feeling of frustration over the … Continue reading

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First look at the new Cosmos 2014

“It is time to get going again.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson In 1980  on one of the most important and influential science documentaries aired, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, narrated by the incomparable Carl Sagan. In this documentary, of 13 chapters, Sagan made … Continue reading

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Listening for species

The good friends, and mentors, of the Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network (ARBIMON) got a lot of press this week after a new publication in PeerJ. They have developed a system that researchers can train to detect species calls automatically. More … Continue reading

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I wanna be like Neil, or why I was crazy enough to get into grad school

When I grow up (in my career), I wanna be like Neil. Not Neil Patrick Harris, the talented actor and star of How I Met Your Mother and Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. The other famous Neil:     Jump … Continue reading

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A weak defense of the anti-GMO pig study

On recent days I got into an online discussion with an anti-GMO activist about the recent pig study that supposedly found that genetically modified soy and corn had a negative effect: Judy A. Carman, Howard R. Vlieger, Larry J. Ver … Continue reading

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Nature Geoscience will test double-blind peer review

The journal Nature Geoscience has announced they will add double-blind peer review as an option for submitted manuscripts. They based their decision on a survey that showed majority support for this method and the strong possibility of bias against women … Continue reading

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Mendeley sells out; I’m moving to Zotero

“The empire acquires the rebel alliance.” – a very common response in Twitter with the news of Elsevier buying Mendeley. Yes, this is more on the side of poetic license than reality, but not by far. If you haven’t heard, … Continue reading

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The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell

A blog post by Neuroskeptic was so relevant that it got published in a journal! Neuroskeptic’s The 9 Circles of Scientific Hell got published in the November 2012 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science: Neuroskeptic. 2012. The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell. Perspectives on Psychological Science … Continue reading

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PLoS shows that publishing raw data can be a win-win situation

The PLoS blog Integrative Paleontologists has a cool story that shows why is it a good idea to have open data, or publish your raw research data. A paper in PLoS ONE studied dinosaur teeth, but what gave the authors … Continue reading

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