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New paper on the acoustic niche hypothesis and coquí frogs

Yesterday my new paper got published in PeerJ: Villanueva-Rivera LJ. (2014) Eleutherodactylus frogs show frequency but no temporal partitioning: implications for the acoustic niche hypothesis. PeerJ 2:e496 Although a good part of it was a chapter of my MS thesis, I recently added a … Continue reading

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Small victories

My previous post on Wildlife Acoustics attracted the attention of the owner of the company, Ian Agranat. Although Agranat didn’t agree with my critique, at least it seems my post was enough to make some changes in WA: They published the command-line code … Continue reading

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Review of the SM2 and SM3 by Wildlife Acoustics

(Updated on 15 Jun to add the problem of uneven recording length) I’ve been working with automated digital audio recorders for more than a decade. Back in 2003, I started recording at the tropical forests of Puerto Rico with a … Continue reading

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The chytrid fungus is not a threat to the Puerto Rican coquí (Eleutherodactylus coqui)

The fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) has been blamed for many declines in amphibian populations. One of these cases was the Eleutherodactylus frogs from Puerto Rico. However, a new paper shows one of the major problems with the current research on the … Continue reading

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Some questions to those that oppose open data

The recent announcement by PLoS on the requirement to post the data behind a paper has pushed a discussion on the issue of data, authorship and ownership. The opposed-to camp seem to focus on two issues: fear of being “scooped” … Continue reading

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Experimenting with preprints

The online journal PeerJ has introduced a new feature to biology that has a great potential: a preprint archive. This type of archive seems to be very popular in other fields, in particular arXiv for physics and math. Preprint archives serve … Continue reading

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Some comments on researchers that do not want to share data

Last week, PLoS published an updated data policy in which they are requiring that the data of each paper published must be available publicly. The specific wording was: authors must make all data publicly available, without restriction, immediately upon publication … Continue reading

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Soundscapes featured in Science

The journal Science covered some aspects of soundscapes in the News Focus section of the 21 February 2014 issue.  Eavesdropping on Ecosystems – Kelly Servick Advances in cheap, tough automated recorders and powerful sound-analysis software are inspiring scientists to launch increasingly ambitious … Continue reading

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Updated version of the soundecology package for R

A few weeks ago I published a new R package, soundecology. After spending the three days before submission fixing bugs, testing and trying to make sure the code fits the specifications, you realize you missed something. In this case I … Continue reading

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New R package of soundscape ecology indices

After months of development, my package of soundscape indices is available at CRAN! The long process included translating methods sections from papers to code, Matlab scripts to R, as well as learning how to code all the metadata that R … Continue reading

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