Updated version of the soundecology package for R

A few weeks ago I published a new R package, soundecology. After spending the three days before submission fixing bugs, testing and trying to make sure the code fits the specifications, you realize you missed something. In this case I missed passing the text of the package through a spell checker! Well, the text of version 1.1 has been check with the spellchecker of LibreOffice. If you have version 1.0, please update as soon as possible.

Another problem in v 1.0 was that one of the functions, ndsi(), would take ages to analyze large (>5 minute) files. The problem was that a function it uses, pwelch(), uses a for loop, which is very slow in R. So, I edited the function to feed the data to pwelch() in the better way, using apply(), greatly decreasing the time it takes to run.

I added a new function to the package: measure_signals(). This function opens the spectrogram of a sound file and lets you select bounding boxes for signals. You call the function specifying, among other things, a file to write the results and a threshold to determine what a signal is. Then, the function takes the bounding boxes the user selects, by clicking on the four corners, calculates the area of the signal using the threshold from the maximum value and saves this to the results file. I hope to write a tutorial with plenty of examples in the next couple of weeks.

As usual, please feel free to suggest improvements, report bugs, or complaint about problems you are having with the package. You can submit these via email or at the website of the package on Github. If you find this package useful for a publication, please cite it and send me a copy of the paper.

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